Adventures in Pinhole Land (2)

See this project page to view the pictures I took with the Pinhole Diana F+ (read this post as a reminder).


Adventures in Pinhole-land (1)

This morning I decided to attempt and play a bit with one of the modes of the Diana F+ I have used the least, the pinhole aperture.

On the Diana, the pinhole setting is approx. f/150, and clearly my light meter (I use the LightMeter app) does not go beyond f/1.4. I used this website to calculate the approx. shutter times I needed to use. Lomography also offers a handy guide for Diana shooting, including pinholes.

It used a tripod and the Diana Collar + Cable release accessory to try and make sure the camera is most stabilised, although was a bit tricky as it is quite a windy day and the Diana itself is extremely light.

I used the meter to read what exposure time use for f/2.8 and then, with the above mentioned website, I found out the right timing for f/150. Mainly I did between 1 and 3 seconds exposures.

I’m quite curious to see what I am getting out of this roll, as soon as I have it back from the lab I’ll post the pictures.