So long, and moving over

For several reasons (including, but not exclusive to, the cost of the WordPress plan), I decided to close this blog (not that I have published anything recently, did I?). I’m migrating most of the content on my personal website, which I am currently buildMoving somewhere and closing thing at

I’m using HTML and CSS (and just a tiny bit of JS), so I can publish whatever I want, in any form I want. And my hosting plan is so much cheaper!

I’ll be submerged in <div>s and <span>s, but step by step it’s taking form!

Thanks for the visits and the interest shown,

see you on the other side!


Getting ready for Costa Rica

This Monday I will catch a flight to San José, Costa Rica, for a two week holiday in which I’ll go around and explore the place. Clearly, I won’t go without a film camera, so here’s a bit of though about the equipment I will take with me.

  • Camera: Olympus XA. My initial choice was the OM-1, but its bulkier and I will probably prefer to have a more compact camera. Also, I care about my OM a lot and don’t want for anything to happen to it. I was also considering the LC-A with the Blik… Hmmm…
  • Films: i will bring a selection of Kodak films. Despite liking also other producers including Fujifilm, I like how Kodak emulsions tend to emphatise the warm colours. I have a couple of Portra 400s and I ordered a Ektar 100 and two Gold 200. In the eventuality that I will run out of film I’ll try and source something locally although seems like it will be hard to find anything good. If they sell something it will probably be the ColorPlus (mediocre) or the AgfaPhoto Color (which will do nicely).
  • Meter: my phone and the integrated TTL meter of the XA.

I still have plenty of pictures to upload, but eventually I will also upload the ones from this holiday!

See ya, folks! ✈️

From Köln with Liebe

What am I doing in the German Bundesland of Nordrhein-Westfalen?

Hint: it has to do with this blog.

Okay, I’m here for the Photokina! Tomorrow I am going to visit the trade show held at the KoelnMesse, in this wonderful city.

In the meanwhile I am doing also some sightseeing, picture snapping and relaxing with a local beer (Kölsch) along the Rhine.

More to come in the following days!


Upcoming updates

I have just returned from a week road trip in Poland, touching Krakòw, Oswiecim, Gdańsk and Szczecin, of which I’ll write something soon once I develop my film.

I also have a couple new cameras to talk about, more films to scan and upload, a new book (a guide to USSR cameras) and more stuff coming!

Once I’ll sort out my time, I’ll start work on this.

New look and layout

Since switching to the Premium plan in WP, I decided to give the blog a twist and implement a theme that would better behave with fonts and text size, as the old one was a bit awkward in that sense.

Hope you like the new looks!

New collaborators!

I have added my friend Alberto as an editor to the blog. Other than having his own page(s) – so far I set up one, but he can create as many as he wants – he will be able to post on the blog section and add content. He mainly works in B&W, so hopefully we’ll see some of his work on the website.