Miranda MS-2 Super

Don’t be fooled, the name itself is a lie. The MS-2 Super was not produced by Miranda at all, it was a Cosina CT-9 rebadged by Dixons in the UK.

Like the Zenit-E, nothing too extraordinary for its age, but still a sturdy piece of equipment that I bought (together with a Miranda 350C Compact flashgun) at my local recycling centre thrift shop for £10.

The main reason I bought it was that it came together with a hotshoe flashgun, I didn’t have much interest for the camera itself. It did prove quite useful, though, during my trip to India, as it is quite resistant and not a great loss if someone would steal it (or if I lost it). Paired with a trusty stock of Agfaphoto Vista 400 35mm film, it produced some nice pictures (nothing stunning really).

The standard lens in the package is a Miranda 35-70 1:3.5-4.5. I also bought off eBay a Cosina Cosinon-W 28mm/2.8, which is the lens I used in India. They all attach with standard Pentax K Mount.

The camera itself is more modern compared to the Zenit-E. Its core is electronic, with TTL metering and LED display in the viewfinder. Shutter speed ranges from 1/1000 to 1s (in Auto mode) and 2s (in Manual mode). Also “Bulb” setting is available. The LEDs in the viewfinder indicate the shutter speed, adjustable with two buttons in the middle of the mode dial. There is also a flashing LED which indicates the suggested speed and an overexposure indicator. Auto mode works in Aperture Priority mode.

Supports normal 135 film with speeds from 25 to 1600 ISO. The hotshoe on top supports X flash synchro. The whole setup runs on two LR44 (or SR44) batteries.


Miranda MS-2/Cosina CT-9 serial n. 60705344