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My name is Simone, I am an Italian nurse working and living in the United Kingdom. It’s been a while since I started getting passionate about analogue photography so I decided to start this blog to post miscellaneous stuff regarding film photography.

I can’t see why possibly someone would care about what I did in my lifetime so far, but here is a very brief timeline.

  • 1991: I was born in May, in Cividale del Friuli (lovely place and UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • 2010: Qualified from Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico “Arturo Malignani“, Udine. My final project was a multidisciplinary presentation about probability, statistics and applications in various fields of science.
    • Started Computer Science university degree at the University of Udine. Left after a couple of months, I wanted something different.
  • 2011: I passed the admission test for the Nursing degree at the University of Udine. Started course in October.
  • 2014: From February to May, I spent three months in Lahti, Finland. I was doing nursing placements within the Erasmus Placement program.
  • 2014 (October): applied for a job post as a Staff Nurse at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Preston (Lancashire, North West England). Passed.
  • 2015: Graduated in April. My dissertation was titled “Influence of solution volume in the administration of nebulised medications: variability in aerosol therapy preparation” (Influenza del fattore volume nella somministrazione di farmaci per via inalatoria: la variabilità nell’allestimento dell’aerosolterapia), a literature review on how the amount of solution you put in a nebuliser chamber can alter how much medication arrives into your airways. Nothing groundbreaking and the point of it all was just that we still don’t know for sure.
  • 2015 (June): moved to Preston (Lancs) and started working at the local NHS Trust as a staff nurse.
  • 2017: Moved to Portsmouth (Hants), started working for the local NHS Trust.

And that’s it.

I started playing with film photography in October 2016, before a week long trip to the Baltic Sisters (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). We rented a car and wanted to be the trip a bit retro, so we used a printed road map to get around and shoot pictures with film cameras. We were using a Fujifilm QuickSnap (36 exp., ISO 400, plastic 32 mm f/10 lens – man, I can’t believe I’m really adding the specs of a disposable camera!) and the first film camera of my collection: the Diana F+.

After that adventure, I got a digital DSLR camera (Canon EOS 1300D, with 18-55 mm lens kit), which was used heavily during my trip in Morocco with my beloved 10-18mm Canon EF-S lens. I sold both the DSLR and the lens early Nov 2017 as I wasn’t really using them, bit pointless to keep them collecting dust on the shelf.

I was so fascinated by the properties and the qualities and the possibilities of analog film that I bought several cameras to start doing something more. More detail about this on my equipment page.

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